These Late-Night Snacks Will Keep Your Wedding Going All Night Long

When you're planning your wedding menu, you may be totally focused on the essentials. And that's great! Figuring out your main menu, cocktail options, and dessert display (plus anything you want to add for cocktail hour) is more than enough to keep you busy. But if you're also planning an all-night-long reception where your loved ones can show off their best dance moves into the wee hours of the morning, it might be a good idea to consider adding a little something extra to your edible options. Like late-night snacks. Sounds like an amazing idea, right?

These reception additions don't have to be elaborate—in fact, sometimes they're even better when they can also double as edible wedding favors—but they will add that extra bit of oomph to your event, and your guests' energy levels! Whether your idea of the perfect late-night snack includes a sugar rush or a plateful of your favorite savories, we promise that reception treats will be a hit with every person in attendance. Think cookies, donuts or chocolate, or head toward more substantial snack food like French fries, a tempting cheese platter, or even sliders and milkshakes for a real hit of energy.

Beer and Waffle Chips

This summer wedding had its snack scene on point. How refreshing would these mini-glasses of IPA and bites of waffle chips be when you need a break from the dance floor?

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