Winter Weddings Are Cheaper

Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings Summer weddings are great, but a winter wedding could be more appealing than most think, here are some reasons why.

  • Venues in the winter time are generally cheaper

  • Vendors are easier to book and are commonly easy to book at short notice

  • Heating options are easier to source than cooling options for the hot summers

  • Amazing comforting foods are in abundance and you can be more creative with your drinks

  • Winter weddings don't have to be at the end of the day, you can have a breakfast wedding, or a midday lunch wedding.

  • There is a great range of winter suits, that you can keep on all night without over heating in the sun

  • Imagine a white Christmas (hire a snow machine for the Waikato)

  • Winter lighting will make your photos look amazing

  • Seasonal decor will give your wedding a unique touch

A winter wedding allows you to experiment with a themed decor. An easy way to incorporate this is with natural components, such as frosted pine cones, pine leaves, snowflakes, or holiday lights to enhance your winter wedding wonderland.

Winter Wedding Attire
Winter Wedding - Decor

Winter Wedding Gift Idea

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